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Yoni Bar


Bring your confidence back with this miracle bar made with a special blend of herbs, essential oils, and all the good stuff for your V. 

It’s super gentle but delivers immediate results. Yoni Bar cleans well, restores moisture, balances your pH levels down there, and protects you from bacteria & infections. Plus, it reduces itch and irritation, helps with period cramps, and leaves your coochie feeling fresh and smelling fresh all day long. 

If you have sensitive skin, this is the perfect Yoni product for you.


**Yoni bar colors may vary. **


Featured Benefits

✨ First Omorphia yoni product.
✨ Contains herbs such as mugwort and calendula, which increase fertility and fight infections.

Introducing our groundbreaking yoni bar, the very first product in the Omorphia yoni line that is set to revolutionize your intimate care routine. Formulated with a harmonious blend of nature's finest herbs, including mugwort and calendula, this exceptional bar offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond traditional cleansing.

Our yoni bar is thoughtfully crafted with a selection of herbs known for their remarkable properties in promoting fertility and combating infections. Mugwort, a revered herb in traditional medicine, has long been associated with promoting reproductive health and increasing fertility. Its natural compounds are believed to support hormonal balance and enhance the chances of conception. Calendula, on the other hand, is renowned for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fight off infections, soothe irritation, and promote overall vaginal health.

Together, the dynamic combination of mugwort and calendula creates a powerhouse of botanical goodness that pampers and nurtures your most intimate area. Our yoni bar provides gentle yet effective cleansing, removing impurities and maintaining a healthy pH balance, while simultaneously harnessing the unique benefits of these herbs.


Product Fact

Our remarkable yoni bar is also affectionately known as the "Pregnancy Bar." This extraordinary product is not only a blessing for expectant mothers but also a source of relief and support for anyone suffering from STIs/STDs.

During pregnancy, the body goes through significant changes, and the intimate area requires special care and attention. Our yoni bar is specifically formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients to address the unique needs of expectant mothers. It provides a nurturing and soothing cleansing experience that helps maintain a healthy pH balance, alleviates discomfort, and promotes overall intimate well-being throughout the beautiful journey of pregnancy.