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Great Investment
- Feminine PH Test Strips
With this PH Strips, You can see at home if you have an infection or not. Great to have in medicine cabinet. Simple results, easy to use.
Life Saver!
- Feminine PH Test Strips
These test strips are an absolute lifesaver. Accurate and easy-to-use. For someone who has urinary tract issues being able to test at home is a necessity
- Body Glow
"I have SUPER sensitive skin! I literally breakout from any and everything! I've been using Omorphia for going on 2 years now! The Body Oil is amazing!
Eczema be gone!!
- Happy Hour Scrub
I've been using this since I found her on the explorer page during the pandemic and when I say it brightened up the darkness that eczema left behind, it made my skin go back to its original color. I'm a caramel type of brown and my arms were black!!! It's not an instant change, you have to use it regularly. I used and still use it daily to prevent any flare ups. Itry not using it daily but i just don't feel right. I went from twice a day to once bc i don't need it but I'm afraid the flat hips will come back. As soon as i fell an itch scribing with this. My hand is the only flare up i get but this puts it back in it place. I also used the glue pull and their bar soap when it was bad but I keep them ready and use periodically. I will always re-up on this scrub. Saved my life... lol
It Really Works!
- Yoni Wash
"I've been using this wash for three months!! I'm in my mid 40s and still have painful menstrual cycles, Just let me tell you, this wash has helped reduce mymenstrual pain!! It would feel like someone literally kicking me in my side and back. I now have no pain in my side and I have very little pain in my back!! Let's not talk about the Yoni Oil!! All I can say is BUY IT!! I will never run out!! I'm fully stocked!!!
So far so good! No complaints!
- Yoni Wash
Recently purchased the Yoni Wash for the first time today. After a long day of caring for my baby. I instantly felt relaxed and a fresh after using. I am a little confused on the color the site pictured a pink and white color wash. Mine is blue. But so far so good! No complaints!
100/100 Recommend!
- Yoni Wash
This product is the truth. I was struggling with not getting my menstrual.. and this product made it come instantly. Like a few hours later after the first use. The lather is super soapy, and it feels like mint down there. I love the menthol scent. And it’s super fresh. I 100/100 recommend.

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