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Mini Gentle Yoni Wash


Here’s a travel size version of your favorite wash.

Mini Gentle Yoni Wash will surely leave your sensitive V clean, fresh, and moisturized after every wash. Made with natural and gentle ingredients, because we care about your yoni.

Use this to balance your pH, reduce irritation and itching, restore moisture, prevent BV and yeast infections, and eliminate harsh odors. It also helps with irregular and painful periods.

This product is safe for expecting mothers. However, you should still seek a doctor's advice for a second opinion before use.


Featured Benefits

✨ For the sensitive hot pockets.  
✨ Great for expecting mothers.
✨ Doesn't include clove.
✨ Good for anyone who thinks the yoni wash smells strong or the effect is too strong.

We understand that some individuals have more sensitive intimate areas that require extra care and attention. Our gentle yoni wash is formulated with a delicate blend of ingredients that cleanse without causing irritation or discomfort. It is designed to maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate region, ensuring optimal comfort and well-being.

Expecting mothers, in particular, go through a myriad of changes during pregnancy, and their hot pockets require extra care. Our gentle yoni wash is the perfect solution, providing a nurturing and gentle cleanse that supports the unique needs of expectant mothers. It offers a sense of relief from any discomfort or sensitivity, allowing them to embrace the transformative journey of pregnancy with comfort and confidence.


Product Fact

Our gentle yoni wash is not only effective and soothing but also proudly pregnancy safe, making it the perfect choice for expectant mothers seeking optimal care for their intimate hygiene.

With our pregnancy-safe yoni wash, you can have peace of mind knowing that every cleansing experience is nurturing and supportive for both you and your baby. It is meticulously formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients that cleanse and maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate region, promoting a healthy environment while minimizing the risk of irritation or discomfort.