At Omorphia, we lift each other up and we don’t bring women down. You’re free to express yourself here.

Feminine hygiene? Let’s talk about it. There’s no such thing as TMI.

We’re all about empowering you, a woman, to take care of yourself more. You deserve it.

Meet Francisca Makela, CEO & founder, determined to create feminine hygiene products that actually work.

It took a leap of faith for Makela to become a full-time business owner. Being an entrepreneur and a single mother at the same time, she is passionate, motivated, and fully inspired when it comes to her future.

Would you believe that Omorphia started off as a hair extensions line back in 2019? You heard it right. Makela decided to revamp the whole brand shortly after launch when she struggled to find products that worked for her natural hair. That’s when she started creating her own products. The message is to provide women with natural and effective ingredients backed by science. The motto is “saving one yoni at a time” and in order to do that, she believes in excellent service which requires commitment. She truly loves what she does and is confident in what her and her team provide.

Thank you for supporting a Black owned business! We hope you are hopeful and inspired as much as we are!

If Francisca can do it, so can you!

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